Jay Ness is a filmmaker with imagination evoking from his youthful and mature astonishment of the world.

Ness is the co-founder of CutJaw Film Co. with friend John J. Kaiser (Curse of the Invisible Werewolf, Bobby's Run Off, Classic. Becky. Party) and is a frequent collaborator with Uptop Films (CSI, The Wolf, Half Smile).

In 2017, Ness directed the sci-fi horror, Shear Madness, in association with INFLUX Pictures and is currently in pre-production to direct a feature film titled, Dark Cloud.

Dark Cloud stars Alexys Gabrielle (Oh My Disney) and Emily Atack (The Inbetweeners). The feature is produced by Sparrowhawk Pictures in association with CutJaw Film Co. and will release in 2019.